New Ways of Knowing

a retreat for people committed to positive social change.

July 16-19, 2017 at Knoll Farm Refuge, Fayston Vermont



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The Retreat

Photo: Knoll Farm Credit: Peter Forbes

Bring your open heart – and your cautious one. Bring your curiosity – and your challenges. Bring your joy – and your grief. Come with the questions that are alive for you. There is only one requirement: the willingness to enter the doorway of presence and meet what arises.

~What to expect~

  • Expand how you know through presence, empathy and body-awareness. 
  • Engage in collective practices that generate illuminating discoveries about personal and collective challenges, and reveal new paths forward.
  • Return home with powerful new tools and a new community of practice. 

At the New Ways of Knowing retreat, we will focus on dismantling what we consider to be the core illusion that maintains dominant systems: the belief that we are separate. Through practices that engage presence, empathy and body-awareness, you will discover how to go beyond the individual into the collective, generating what we playfully call the “group oracle”. You will have a profound experience of our interconnection, one that will enrich and expand your worldview.

When we can see the world through the lens of interconnection and relationship, everything changes. We move from isolation to community, from power-over to co-creation, from difference and separation to uniqueness and belonging.

Facilitated by Nadia Khan Kimmie and Alison Fornés, two skilled and intuitive guides, and supported by the land and the ancestors, we invite you to join the circle!

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The Location

This FOUR DAY/THREE NIGHT retreat takes place at the beautiful and deeply nourishing Knoll Farm Refuge in Fayston, Vermont (approx. one hour from the Burlington Vermont International Airport). At Knoll Farm, the land is a true partner and resource to us in our work.

You will be housed in the beautiful new yurt village, and enjoy delicious meals thoughtfully prepared from seasonal and local foods.

Photos of Knoll Farm. Credit: Peter Forbes,

Fire circle, hot tub, swimming in the pond, quiet walks in the woods; periods of silent meditation and transformative group work; time for play and laughter, time for giving and receiving support; making new and lasting connections: all of these will be part our time together.

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The Facilitators

Alison Fornés


Photo: Alison Fornés presenting at a conference in 2016. Credit: Nadia Khan Kimmie

Born in New York City, the first generation daughter of Chinese and Puerto Rican immigrants, Alison has been on a life-long journey to resolve her own questions of longing, belonging and identity and how they intersect with power and privilege – or lack thereof. This has been a personal journey of spiritual seeking and practice, and a social journey of activism and commitment to social change.

In 2011, the spiritual and the collective came together when she discovered the practice of Family and Systemic Constellations. She made significant changes in her life so that she could devote herself to the training and practice of constellation work, and early on, came to realize that these practices enabled the recovery ancestral ways of knowing and being. Alison continues to deepen and expand through her practices of constellation work, mindfulness practice, and an active relationship with her ancestors and the living world. She blogs about empathy and education at, and about reclaiming indigeneity on her facebook page Indigenous Epistemology for Orphans. She has led workshops at Vassar College, the Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Association, and gives regular trainings for educators and changemakers. You can reach her personal website at

Nadia Khan Kimmie


Photo: Nadia Khan Kimmie, seated, with students at her Medicine Drum Making Workshop in 2016. Credit: Alison Fornés.

Nadia Khan Kimmie’s inner journey of working with her shadow side has been transformed through the powerful work of Family Constellations and Shamanism, of which she is an international practitioner. She has been studying Shamanism since 2011, practicing Earth Medicine such as Vision Quest and Sweat Lodge, Wheel of Elements, Sacred Fire Ceremony and Women’s Healing circles.  She facilitates Medicine Drum making ceremonies in her native South Africa, in Germany and the United States.

Nadia is a creative and her teachings carry this essence. “All aspects of my work are based on healing and wisdom”  

Her work in under privileged communities with children and adults in South Africa are known for her untraditional facilitation, mixing Family Constellations embodiment with sound vibrations and tactile experiences.

Nadia trained as a Family Constellations facilitator in 2012 in South Africa, with African Constellations.

Nadia writes, “Coming from South Africa, with its legacy of colonialism, slavery and growing up in apartheid era, I have always felt displaced. But, [Constellation] work found me, and has been shaping me ever since. ”


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Registration Details

The retreat includes meals and lodging, starting with dinner on Sunday July 16, and ending after lunch on Wednesday July 19. Space is limited – we encourage you to register early.

Housing: all participants will be housed in shared yurts (2 people per yurt) in Knoll Farm’s new yurt village.


We have chosen to offer this retreat on a sliding scale. We have heard from many of you that you needed flexibility in payment, and we want to offer this gift to you.

  • SLIDING SCALE: $475 – $800 (Note: any contributions above $475 can be made at the end of the retreat.)
  • Installment payments welcome. Make a deposit to reserve your space, and pay the balance when you arrive.


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We would love to hear your thoughts or questions. How do you experience new ways of knowing in your life? What inquiries would you want to explore at this retreat? What questions do you have about the program?

-Alison and Nadia